Jennifer McConaghy

Biography & Artist Statement


For almost three decades I have been painting abstract landscapes and still life. My artist education began in 1992 in the United States where I attended classes at The Boston Fine Arts Museum. Upon returning to Australia I commenced a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at Newcastle University, continuing and completing study in Brisbane at Queensland College of Art in 2000. My work has been featured in about 30 solo and group exhibitions in Brisbane and South-East Queensland. 

My artwork explores the environment I come in contact with, whether that is my response to a landscape and the elements or simply to everyday objects in a still life setting.  Inspiration comes from the surrounds of my home in the rainforests of Tamborine Mountain, as well as my travels through Ireland, Spain and Central Australia. 

The notion of vessels continually emerges as one underlying theme in my work. These are usually objects such as bowls, pots, shells and various items that convey a sense of containment and/or concealment, of something else existing within; the unknown layers beneath a visible surface. The vessels become metaphors, storage places for emotions and memories.

Similarly with painting landscapes, it is the mystery of what lies beneath the surface that I want to convey; the often uncanny connection to a place visited which is like an experience of deja vu and spiritual timelessness where that place becomes embedded in the subconscious. By using a variety of materials, and approaching the work as a many – layered process, I can explore intuitively, drawing from memory and imagination.

From my studio on Tamborine Mountain, I create work using oils and mixed media, on a variety of surfaces including canvas, marine ply and paper. 


CV 2019 Jennifer McConaghy (pdf)